Happiness Oil
Healing Oil
Money Draw Oil
Protection Oil
Ganesha Oil
Lakshmi Oil
Original Witch's Brew Oil
Dragon's Blood Oil
Evil Eye Oil
Fortress strong Frankincense. Protects you from things that go bump in the night(or day for that matter).
Sweet Frakensence and Juniper.
Perk up your day, outlook and mood or borrow a little happiness from this wonderfully uplifting oil.

 Money Draw
Soft and nuturing Honeysuckle and Cedarwood. The kiss and make it feel better oil.
Abundant Honey Suckle and Patchouli. For pete sake- What you see is what you get. This oil is for quick cash in your pocket now!
Oils used in many ways to add to your ritual work. You can use it to anoint a candle to add extra pow to your candle magic. Many folks also use oils to add to alters and rituals. There are also those who will say a little intention for the day and drop a bit on what they want to manifest.  It could be a picture, an object or even a little dab on the wrists.
$10.00 each
(8ml bottle)
 Witch's Brew
 Dragon's Blood
 Evil Eye
A vibrant oil with a sweet date, tangerine and bergamot scent. Open energy that can shake things up enough to see a clear passing.
A heady sandalwood & jasmine essential oil blend.  Open the floodgates of heaven to fulfill your life's desires.
Moody Myrrh and Mugwort.
Our most popular oil for a reason. Never underestimate the power of a witch on a mission!

Crisp like a gentleman's aftershave. Power up your magic with the dragons and make your words and actions go further.
A sharp stick in your eye Juniper.
Don't Leave your spirit vulnerable, use this oil to put that sucka on lock down.

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