Chakra tools for energy work, reiki, and meditation will help you balance your mind and body and help to center your spirit.  Whether you want to focus on a single chakra, or bringing them all into balance, we have a variety of tools to help you find your inner power.
     Unique gemstone pendants and wands for healing and transformation.
 Seeds of Light
 Aloha Bay Candles
Palm wax votives and pillars; perfect for altars, ritual, and blessings.
 Singing Bowls
Played to help tune into each chakra. Comes with pillow and gift box.
Carefully blended essential oils make up these special chakra balancing roll-ons, great for travel.
 Essential Oils Blends
Singing Bowls
 Crystal Journey Candles
Selenite is a crystal used to align the Chakras in Reiki work.
Candle holders, snuffers, boxes, and more!
Votives and large pillar candles for long-term work.
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 Triloka Incense
Hand-rolled, these fragrances are blended to energize the spirit.
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 Chakra Bracelets
Semi-precious stones and black agate strung on elastic.
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