For Thousands of years humans have been using crystals to heal, attract wealth, protect loved-ones from harm and attain deeper understanding of the forces of creation. It is a sacred tradition that moves through time and culture and can be as simple as holding a small piece of ancient beauty in the palm of your hand.
     We've gathered together a sparkling assortment of pocket and medicine bag tumbled stones, raw crystal, polished points, geodes, spheres, wands, and carved icons from all over the world. Whether you're looking to soothe a broken heart, change the energy in your workplace, or just find that fabulous conversation piece to display in your home, our knowledgeable staff can help you select the crystals that are best for you.
Small Stones
Small tumbled, rough, and pocket stones, the perfect size for medicine bags, tinctures, pockets, reiki work, gridding, and wire wrapping.
300 million years ago, a vast primordial ocean covered most of the general area that is now India and Pakistan.
     Unique gemstone wands ranging from small to large, as well as tumbled stone amulets and baby wand pendants for healing and transformation.
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Bags & Pouches
Perfect for stone pouches, mojo, and medicine bags. Leather, cloth, draw-string and zipper available.
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Selenite is a crystal used to align the Chakras in Reiki work.
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 Carved Stones
Animals, hearts, gods and sacred symbols all carved from genuine gemstones.
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 Mini Shapes
Tiny polished shapes perfect for pouches, grid work, fairy gardens, and jewelry-making.
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 Himalayan Salt
Browse samples of the types of gemstones we carry in the store.
Quartz cluster