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Selenite is a very common gemstone found all over the world.  The crystaline structure forms in long parallel needles similar to fiber-optic cable.  This structure allows it to collect scattered and chaotic energy and streamline it into a smooth, directional flow.  As such, it is an excellent cleanser for other stones and a perfect tool for aligning the chakras during meditation or energy healing.  It can be held in the hand, placed on the body or under a bed, or jewelry or other stones can be laid upon it to clear their energy.
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Cave of Giant Crystals discovered in Mexico.
 Palm Stones
 Desert Rose
Appx. 1"x 1"
$3.oo each
Appx. 2"x 3"
$7.oo each
Appx. 2"x 2"
$10.oo each
Appx. 1"x 2.5"
$5.oo each
Appx. 2"x 18"
$15.oo each
Appx. 2"x 5"
$11.oo each
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Appx. 1.5"x 1.5"
$4.oo each
Appx. 6"x 3"x 3"
$10.oo each
 Tealight Holder
 Massage Wand
Appx. 1"x 6"
$10.oo each