We have a great selection of new age and spiritually-inspired gifts and decor for your home, workspace, spiritual center, and more!  Journey Home is a local favorite for gift shopping for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions of all kinds.  We're constantly getting new things from shows and local artisans.  Our selection is too extensive to post everything, but here is a sampling of some of our best sellers...
Music of the
Tuned Wind Chimes
Shop & Listen to Chimes
Bells for clearing a space and bringing good luck.
Home Decor
Chakra Singing  
Tibetan Singing Bowls to Correspond with Each Chakra
 Raku Pottery
Made in California, small bowls, pots, and figurines.
Hang by your bed to ward off nightmares.
Shop Chakra Singing Bowl
Shop Mandala Arts!
  Mandala Arts 
Tapestries and banners in inspirational images and affirmations.
Shop for Bells
*Coming Soon!*
*In-Store only!*
 Kitchen Wands
Laser engraved magical wooden spoons to stir up magic in the kitchen.
*In-Store only!*
Blown Glass Orbs
Witch balls, tree of life, and fairy orbs.
*In-Store only!*
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 Tapestry Throws
100% cotton, made in the USA.