Founder, Larry Roark, designed these chimes in a variety of musical scales so you could choose the one that sings most sweetly to you. The eleven musical scales Music of the Spheres make are divisible into two main categories of music which we can simply call the "more familiar" and the "more exotic" sound.
        Tempered aluminum alloy tubing is custom manufactured to our exacting specifications and will never rust and coated with a matte black finish. Tubes are tuned to A440, standard orchestral pitch, using the latest in technology. MofS cut and precisely tune each tube by hand using just intonation.

An original Larry Roark composition, The Aquarian mirrors the tranquil charm of an Alpine lake or stream.

Listen to a Sample!
30" Gypsy Soprano
40" Gypsy Mezzo
The Chinese, an inversion of the Pentatonic, is the lightest and sweetest of our scales, sure to evoke a sense of happiness.

This exotic mix of piquant strains and haunting melodies is an ancient Gypsy scale still used widely from northern Africa to the Baltic region.

The Hawaiian scale is reminiscent of a tangy sweet & sour sauce and tropical island breezes. It combines the best of major and minor pentatonic scales.
The distinctive dramatic tones of the Japanese scale are at once deeply soothing and provocative.
The Mongolian scale is reminiscent of church and temple bells.Genghis Khan conquered an empire unmatched in size, yet never heard chimes as lovely as these.
"Whole Tone"
The Pentatonic scale is the most widely used melodic scale in the world, dating from ancient Greece.  It contains all the notes to "Amazing Grace."

The Quartal's smooth and serene sound captivated American composers, notably Aaron Copland and Paul Hindemith, in the early twentieth century.
Claude Debussy began composing with this atonal scale. Later, television's original Star Trek used it in the "beaming up" sequences.
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