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  The aromatic smoke of burning herbs and resins has long been offered to the Divine during prayer and ritual, but also serves to enhance our own earthly lives and environment.  Whether you're looking for an exotic tribute for your altar or a pleasing fragrance for your living space, we have a varied collection of herbs and incense for every occassion.
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Sage and other herb bundles for smudging, as well as abalone shells and feather fans.
Pure plant resins and wood powders are to smolder on charcoal.
Water-based and mixed with essential oils and floral waters can be used as a room spray, on linens, or as a body spray.
Hand-rolled sticks sold in packages.
Cone-shaped incense sold in boxes.
Packets of loose dried herbs for smolering, satches, and teas.
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Our exclusive dried herb blends are created here in the store, sold in packets.
Can't burn incense without something to put it in!
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 Moldavite Essence
Contains real essence of moldavite and a special blend of transcendent herbs and oils.
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