Cleansing Blend
 Curse Breaker
Curse Breaker Blend
Health Blend
Love Blend
These magical herb blends are created right in our store using organic dried flowers and leaves!
Each packet contains approx. 4 tablespoons, each comes with instructions for use.
$8.00 each
Lucky Blend
Money Blend
Peaceful Home Blend
 Peaceful Home
Protection Blend
Mix this blend with salt if desired. Use as a wash to mop floors and wipe down doorways to clear energies. Sprinkle on dry floors or doorstep for sweeping. Infusion wash for crystals and magical tools. Can be added to bath for ritual cleansing.
Add 1 tablespoon of this blend to bath water to cut psychic ties and diminish magical bonds.  Throw in a handful of salt for extra cleansing. Use as a wash to mop floors and wipe down doorways to banish troublesome spirits. Sprinkle around black and white candles.
This blend supports healing
energies for body and mind. Add to bath water to soothe and refresh. Sprinkle around green or orange candles. Carry to ward off sickness and fatigue. Use as stuffing for poppets and other healing charms. Breathe steam of infusion to open airways.

Add to bath water to soak up loving energies. Carry to attract love, or sprinkle around a candle for love rituals. Pair with pink for friendship, family, and soulmate; Pair with red for passion, lust and sensuality. Place in drawers to scent clothes. Sprinkle under car seats for a first date.
Carry in a pocket, wallet, or purse to bring lucky money. Wash hand with an infusion before
gambling. Sprinkle around green or red candles to attract good fortune. Place in a small envelope during the full moon, write your wish on the outside, and place on altar or mantle.

Carry this blend to attract money and riches. Sprinkle in wallet or keep in purse or pocket to increase luck in gambling. Place around a green or yellow candle to draw wealth. Excellent crystal infusion for aventurine, peridot, citrine, or iron pyrite.
Sprinkle around the home after cleansing with sage or other smudge, or make a wash for floors and doorways. Place in offering bowl to invite calming energies. Add to bath water to calm stress. May be mixed with a little salt for a boost
of cleansing. Drink as a tea before bed to aid in restful sleep.

Carry this blend to ward off negativity and turn back the evil eye. Sprinkle around black (physical) or purple (psychic) candles. Hang a small sachet from the rearview mirror to guard against treacherous roads. Place beside the front door to protect a home.
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