Perhaps you can't burn incense, or perhaps you just need a quick clearing. Sprays are a great alternate to smudge in offices, apartments, or small rooms!

These sprays and mists are water-based and mixed with essential oils and floral waters for maximum effect.  Can be used as a room spray, on linens, or as a body spray.
Full Moon Farms Sprays
Seventh Mus Mists
Aura Casia Mists
 Sacred Space Sprays
by Full Moon Farms
Essential oils suspended in purified water, the light and gentle fragrance of these sprays is perfect for cleansing a space.  Available in Palo Santo, Lotus, Lavender, Rose, and White Sage.  Each one comes with a small quartz crystal inside to help energize these plant essences. 
Made in Arizona.
 Fragrance Mists
by Seventh Muse
Essential and fragrance oil blends suspended in purified water with a full and complex fragrance.  These sprays are best used as a body or room spray, but they make wonderful linen sprays as well!  Available in Exotic, Citrus, Midnight, and Floral Mists.  Made in California.
 Aromatherapy Mists
by Aura Casia
Use as a room freshener or for an instant aromatherapy pick-me-up, these non-aerosol mists contain 100% pure essential oils.  Available in Clearing Eucalyptus, Relaxing Lavender, Peaceful Patchouli & Sweet Orange, and Sensual Cinnamon & Ylang ylang.
$15.00 each
$9.95 each
$18.00 each
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