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 A Year of Blessings
 Elemental Magic
Recommendations for energy and magical pairings by month.
It can be overwhelming to choose which candles, stones, herbs, and altar images should be used together toward a specific purpose.  Our Inspiration Page offers some ideas for whatever you might be working on.
 Yin & Yang
 Blessing Kits
Summon the four directions to guide you in your magical workings.
Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!
Balance and duality exist in all aspects of life, be it male/female, light/dark, hot/cold, or thought/form.  Whether enhancing one or aligning both, these tools help tap into both sides.
Shop Blessing Kits!
Great gifts or a quick fix, each blessing kit comes with a small candle, 1 tbsp herbs, and 4-5 gemstones.  Directions for use included as well.  Made here in the shop!
*Psst!  Like the art featured in these photographs?  They're from our greeting card collection in the shop!  Beautiful, full-color images on recycled paper are green for the earth and made here in the USA.