Magic is all about personal empowerment and we offer tools for all your ritual and spell-working needs!  We advocate white magic to the betterment of your life and those you love.  Remember what goes around, comes around, so infuse all your magical workings with love and joy!
Magical Tools
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 Crystal Wands
Mortar & Pestal
For spellwork, energy work, or crystal healing.
By Coventry Creations
Made when the moon is right.
Can be used for grinding herbs for ritual use, or for cooking.
Used by every culture in the world to clear negative energy and cleanse a space.
Small cauldrons for fire rituals, incense burning, or storing trinkets.
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Bags & Pouches
Perfect for stone pouches, mojo, and medicine bags. Leather, cloth, draw-string and zipper available.
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 Magical Oils
These oils are made when the moon is right.
*In-Store only!*
*In-Store only!*
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Herb Blends
We make our own herb blends here in the shop.
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 Kitchen Wands
Laser engraved magical wooden spoons to stir up magic in the kitchen.
*In-Store only!*
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Shop Blessing Kits!
 Blessing Kits
Ready-to-use kits include candle, herbs, and collection of 4-6 gemstones.