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Essential oils are derived from plant material, be it leaves, flowers, roots, or wood.  These oils have a variety of uses from medicinal to magical, mood enhancing to ambiance.  They can be worn on the skin, burned in a room, mixed with lotions and soaps, or rubbed onto candles.  Choose your fragrance and let the power of oils transport you to a higher plane.
Made from the aromatic essences of plants, they have a remarkable ability to affect a person's well-being and improve the environment around them.
Carefully blended essential oils make up these special chakra balancing roll-ons, great for travel.
Plant essences are wonderful to enhance any magical workings or ritual.
These oils are made when the moon is right.
Enthralling combinations of natural essential oils and synthetic oil blends, these California-made perfume oils are suspended in Jojoba.
Perfect for a light scent, these oils in purified water spritzers can be used as body mists, room sprays, or linen sprays.
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 Moldavite Essence
Contains real essence of moldavite and a special blend of transcendent herbs and oils.
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