Anastasia - psychic at Journey Home

Anastasia - psychic at Journey Home


Anastasia Tarot & Vedic Astrology

Available by appointment at Journey Home or click here to book a reading

Navigating the complexities of 21st century life is like driving in L.A. Sometimes you need GPS! So while we’re hanging-out here at the intersection of Fate & Free Will, divine spirits in material vehicles, I’ll help you chart your unique conscious course in relationships, business, health, and spirit.

  • Check out possible futures to make the right decision right now

  • Someone giving you mixed signals? Get clear on their true motivations.

  • Get a handle on the planetary and karmic cycles influencing your life

  • Connect to your Higher Mind and design the life you want

  • At least one AHA! and a couple of OMG how did she know that? moments guaranteed

Psychic Services

Tarot Card readings:

Psychic readings to help you clarify your Relationships, Business, Real Estate, Past Lives, Health, Legal Questions, and Spiritual goals.  Guaranteed a few OMG how’d she know that? moments plus solid guidance to help you trust your own intuition and make informed choices. Call 805-650-8272 to book. Telephone readings available.

LeNormand Cards: Great for short, practical questions and a no-nonsense approach. Hybrid readings combined with Tarot.

Hybrid Tarot & Vedic Astrology Readings
Minimum 30 minutes. This reading combines Vedic Astrology with Tarot. We’ll use Astrology to get a general overview of your life themes, then use Tarot to answer your specific questions. I’ll need accurate birth data (date, location, and time of birth). This reading is available for walk-ins. Other Vedic Astrology services by appointment only.

Vedic Astrology Readings

Vedic Astrology is a sophisticated tool for understanding how stars and planets affect you. Your natal chart shows your soul’s purpose as well as glimpses into past lives and the future. Jyotish uses the same signs and planets you’ll recognize from Western Astrology, but it uses astronomically accurate data - so you might be surprised at the differences. It’s the mother of evolutionary astrology and the most ancient continuously practiced from of astrology on the planet. Scroll down for details.


  1. E-mail me your birth data (date, location, and exact time of birth)

  2. Tell me what day & time you’d like your appointment

  3. I’ll make your appointment at Journey Home and cast your charts.

Bhava Reading $54

If you want a personalized astrology reading, start here.

  • The Bhava Reading is a general overview of your chart that offers insight on why you are the way you are. It illuminates karmic themes in your life -  areas in which you excel or face challenges

  • Your Bhava Reading is a powerful tool for self-reflection and self-acceptance. It touches on your soul’s deepest mission in this life.

  • Your Bhava Reading also includes remedies to balance the energies of your chart and help you become more integrated and balanced.

  • Bhava Reading includes PDFs of your charts, personalized interpretations of the Planets in their Signs and Houses, plus your Sadhe Sati report (if applicable).

Dasha & Gochara Reading $108

  • Ever wonder why some people breeze through certain situations while you struggle with the exact same issue? Dasha & Gochara are the keys.

  • Your Dasha report shows your personal Planetary cycles. Gochara (transits) show Planetary forces affecting society as a whole. This report is an in-depth look at the intersection of Free will & Fate in your current life.

  • Know which planets and houses are currently activated in your chart so you can go with the cosmic flow instead of swimming against the tide. You’ll be prepared to deal with Planetary challenges and make the best of Planetary gifts.

  • This reading is only available after you’ve had your Bhava Reading. The Bhava Reading builds a foundation for the Dasha & Gochara Reading.

Ayurvedic Integration© Coaching: 

Ayurveda is a consciousness-based, holistic approach to spiritual, emotional, and physical health.  Ayurvedic Integration© Coaching is my personal approach to classical Ayurveda.

  • Learn your basic constitution (prakriti) and how to keep your unique mind-body-spirit in balance

  • Learn self-healing techniques that give you an integrated physical, spiritual, and emotional approach to better health.

  • Feel more empowered to make health decisions and trust your own intuition about what your body needs.

  • Ayurvedic Integration Coaching combines diet, lifestyle, Yoga Asana, and targeted meditation techniques suited to your unique prakriti

  • Learn how you can use color, sound, and crystals for self-healing based-on time-honored Ayurvedic princples.

  • I’ve studied Ayurveda in both USA and India. I’m a certified Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor and Yoga teacher.

Client Testimonials

“I was very impressed with the accuracy of information in this reading … things to be especially conscious of going forward with business and personal plans. Anastasia is very insightful and comprehensive, and I look forward to consulting her in the future”.

--M.W. Seattle, WA

I had an extraordinary experience with this reading; I came confused and left completely clear on what direction to take. Anastasia took the time to deeply understand my dilemma and was incredibly accurate. She is truly following her Calling in providing this service. I will be back!

--R.K. Ojai CA

About Anastasia

I’ve been reading Tarot 40 years and studying Vedic Astrology for 5 years. I’m currently apprenticed under internationally known master astrologer Komilla Sutton - 3 more years until I graduate so I’ll be adding new astrology services as I learn them. When I’m not doing psychic readings, I do graphic design and content writing.

I’ve been psychic as long as I can remember. My father gave me my first deck of Tarot cards when I was 15.

I live in Ventura, CA in a small house close to the Point with my human partner, a dog, 2 cats, and 3 chickens.


  • B.A. Creative Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara

  • Certified Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor
    Kerala Ayurveda Academy USA, India, 1,000 hour training

  • Certified Yoga Teacher
    Santa Barbara Yoga Center 500 hours teacher training

  • Vedic Astrology Apprentice under Master Astrologer, Komilla Sutton.

  • V.A.C.E. Graphic Design & Web Development