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Classes and Events to support the conscious evolution of humanity
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Do you have a class or event that harmonizes with our mission?
We'd love to hear from you!

Please read this page carefully and make sure you understand everything before submitting your proposal.

  1. Journey Home offers a safe space for small classes focusing on conscious lifestyle, spirituality, meditation, and healing. Room capacity is approximately 6 chairs.

  2. The space is also available for healing practitioners such as Reiki, Massage, acupuncture, Ayurveda, energy healing. Capacity 1 massage table.

  3. The space would be suitable for private or semi-private yoga session.
    Capacity 2-3 yoga mats.

The Process:

For simple inquiries about renting the space for an hourly fee, please call Chloe or Luke at 805-650-8272

To propose a class, please read our format carefully. We get a lot of interest and respectfully ask that everyone understand and follow our class proposal format and Instructor etiquette.

Journey Home Class Proposal Format

  1. Everyone must complete and submit a class proposal form. Even if we know you and even if you already work here. Form appears at the bottom of this page.

  2. Submit your Class Proposal form via e-mail to chloem (at) Journeyom.com and cc marketing (at) Journeyom.com. Make sure you submit to both e-mail addresses.

  3. We will review your proposal and decide if we want to run the class. Generally classes run on a percentage basis with Journey Home and the Instructor each receiving a percentage of the total. We'll have that conversation if we approve the class proposal. Different classes may have different fee structures.

  4. Please follow the rules. If your proposal form ignores maximum word counts or provides incomplete information we won't be able to consider your class.

  5. We want your class to succeed! Everything we ask is to help make your class a good experience for everyone.

Instructor Etiquette

  1. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your class for set-up, to answer questions, and help with walk-in registrations.

  2. Please be packed-up and vacate the room 15-30 minutes after the end of your class. Journey Home may have other activities planned or other staff may need to use the room. If you're helping your students purchase our products, great! Shop all you want! Otherwise, please leave when you're done.

  3. Journey Home has Psychic Readers on duty 7 days per week. Please be mindful of their clientele and respect their space. Avoid loud noise which could be heard in the reading room. Respect that the reader on duty is there to promoter their services between readings. Please don’t promote yourself in any way that competes with our in-house Readers.

Class Proposal Form (below)

We're working to make the form a fillable PDF. In the mean time:

  1. Cut & paste the questions into the body of an e-mail

  2. Write-in the answers

  3. Send it to us.

  4. If you're comfortable using MS Word, you can request the form as a Word docx. Call 805-650-8272 or e-mail Chloem (at) Journeyom.com to ask for the word file.

Journey Home Class Proposal

We offer classes and events that support the conscious evolution of humanity
If you offer such a service and would like to propose a class or event
please complete the form below and e-mail to

chloem@journeyom.com and cc marketing@journeyom.com

Instructor Name:      

Telephone #:     

Text #:     


Street Address:     


Website URL and/or FB page:      

Class Name:       

Brief Description of Class (200 words or less)      

Instructor Bio (tell us about you in 75 words or less):   

Your plans to market the class (be specific. JH only books classes with a well thought-out marketing plan)  

Number of Class sessions:                               Duration (how long is each class?)       

Proposed Dates & Times:   

Proposed Price:   

Minimum number of students required to run the class:        (our classroom allows 6 chairs)

**We will not run classes unless we have at least 2 students pre-paid 24 hours prior to class time.  i.e. zero pre-registrations = cancelled class**

Proposed Compensation to Journey Home and Instructor:
(please suggest a price for the class. If we book your class we’ll discuss percentage split or hourly rental options)       



Please be prepared to provide the following.
We will not calendar your class unless we have these things.
Need help? Ask Chloe or Stasi.

  1. PDF of class flier (via e-mail) and hard-copy for store display.
    Optional - provide 25 copies for us to hand-out in store. Need Help? See below***

  2. Flier must clearly show: DATE, TIME, and LOCATION (Journey Home)

  3. Head-shot and/or your logo. JPEG or PNG file 400px x 400 px size.
    Need Help? See below***

  4. Optional - JPEG or PNG of your class flier 1200 px width

  5. Optional - full class description and bio (if you need more than 200 words)
    Maximum 300 words class description / 100 words bio
    Need Help? See below***

  6. Optional - a few of your business cards or brochures to have on-hand if people ask about you.

  7. Please don't rely "only" on Journey Home to promote your class. We suggest you post class fliers on local bulletin boards, promote through your own Facebook or other Social Media, mail to your mailing list, etc.

  8. We'll post your class to our website and social media, include it in our newlestter, and display your fliers in-store ... but we expect you to do your part, too.

  9. Classes with no pre-registrations will be cancelled. We MUST SEE at least 2 people pre-paid 24 hours prior to class time.

  10. Plan ahead. Allow plenty of time to get the word out and get people pre-registered.

***If you need help, contact our in-house marketing devi, Stasi***

Namaste and thank you!