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Aura Photography

Upcoming dates: March 30, April 27, 2019
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Misteri dei Tarocchi© Tarot classes with Anastasia

Module 1.2 The Court cards - People & Personalities of the Tarot coming march 9, 2019 (Full)
March 16, 2019

Misteri dei Tarocchi©

Fortune-telling? Divine Guidance? The DaVinci Code in a card? The elegant symbolism of Tarot is all this and more.

About Tarot and what makes this class special:
Ever since its appearance in Renaissance Italy, Tarot has gone on to conquer the world. How did this little deck of cards do so much? Versatility! Whether you want a sophisticated tool for spiritual exploration or an oracle to glimpse the future, Misteri dei Tarocchi© contains everything you need to get started … and continues into advanced concepts that will give you lifetime tools to gain insight and clarity into your life, relationships, finances, and soul purpose. Enroll here.

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