Desiree Szabo


Saturdays 12:00pm - 5:00pm
after 5p by appointment


Desiree is an angelic interpreter with decades of experience to help people receive tangible information from the other side. Her calling is to assist those on their life journey as they discover their true purpose. She teaches and counsels those with messages from the Angelic and Spirit Realm.

With her guidance, thousands of people have already heard the voices of their Angels. Sheuses her intuitive, spiritual, and manifesting abilities in supportive environments to shed light anywhere she goes.   

Messages of enlightenment are delivered through Angel Oracle & Tarot Cards. Fears and
Blocks are removed by the comforting sound of her gentle voice. Angelic messages are
delivered in a helpful, loving, and compassionate manner.

Desiree is an expert at channellingher Angels in the areas below:
Love & Relationships
Life Visioning
Career & Finance

The Angels are calling, will you be there to let them in?