Monday - Thursday 12:00-5:00pm
after 5p by appointment

Reiki, Shaman, Empath
Se Habla Espanol

Hope is founder of Earth Wisdom Reiki, a hybrid practice that fuses ancestral shamanism with reiki energy healing.

She specializes in Chakra clearings and energetic cleansing (Limpiesas)

As an empath and medium, Hope can channel messages from your ancestral spirits. She can often see your spirit guides and even draw them for you!

Hope's readings give her clients insight, hope, and healing wisdom. She loves working with people with or without special needs, pets, and even exotic animals. Hope's psychic and intuitive tools inlclude crystal oracles, Medicine Cards, Lexigrams and Hawaiian Flower readings. Her psychic and intuitive readings will help you feel empowered. 

A session with Hope can include:
Chakra clearing (Limpiesas)
Reiki (Energy healing)
Medicine Card or Sacred Stone oracle reading
Channeling (Ancestral Mediation)
Guidance on connecting or reconnecting with your Soul Mate or Twin Flame
Hawaiian Flower Reading
Exploration of the hidden gifts in your name
Sketch of your Spirit guides
Dream interpretation and or Transcendent Support
Goddess Empowerment
Intuitive Numerology