Heart Chakra Healers & Love Magick

That feeling. A giant gaping hole where your heart used to be. Maybe you’ve been through a bad break-up. Or maybe it’s the worst pain of all … the death of a loved-one. This type of shock actually hurts your energetic body - your heart chakra to be precise. If you’re feeling that your heart chakra needs healing … here are some ways to do it.

The heart chakra is Anahata. It’s symbol is a lotus with 12 petals and it’s bij mantra is Yam.

The Anahata healer par excellence is Rose Quartz which resonates with the heart chakra and the planet Venus. It’s the stone of unconditional love and profound peace. It purifies and heals the heart chakra. It expresses divine love and all-embracing comfort if you’ve lost a loved-one. Rose Quartz pairs well with Amethyst for emotional centering. Amethyst will also help you cope in more healthy ways if you feel temptation toward drinking to ease the pain.

Use Rose Quartz with Malachite if you’re ready to live life again and want to manifest more vitality and connection with the earth and people.

If you want some passion in your life, Rose Quartz pairs well with Garnet.

Clear Quartz will support the work of Rose Quartz so it always pairs well. Use Smokey Quartz if you need to clear negative feelings like hatred or anger.

Rose is traditionally associated with love and it’s a healing, uplifting scent. It’s good for all heart healing and love workings. Amber is a nice spicy scent to stimulate passion and attraction. Vanilla is a traditional Voudou love attractor.

Tarot cards associated with love are the Ace of Cups (new relationship), the Two of Cups (committed relationship or marriage), Ten of Cups (happiness and emotional fulfillment. Happy family life). The Star heals all wounds - physical and emotional. It can bring back a lost love - but only if that person still loves you. No magic can coerce love or manifest what’s not there. The Lovers is for all types of relationships - even friendships. It’s an alchemical card that contains deeply encoded symbolism (check out our class Misteri dei Tarocchi if you want to learn more about Tarot symbolism and manifestation.)

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Anahata Chakra Symbol

by Samuel Farrand