Top 3 Things to Know About Living with an Empath

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You were probably attracted to your empath’s beautiful soul and sensitive nature. An empath can be the very embodiment of compassion and no one has a better shoulder to cry on. But now that you’re living together … some frustration has set-in! 

Like why is s/he always asking you to turn off the music or listen to classical instead of hip-hop? And what about all this “alone time”? Is s/he seeing someone else? Not really in love?

Relax. Living with an empath isn’t as hard as it seems once you understand a few things. After seeing my partner’s frustrations living with me, I decided to write a little “Quickstart Guide” to help you live happily with your empath. Or if you’re an empath with a bewildered partner … this will help!

What exactly is an empath?

According to my dictionary: (chiefly in science fiction) a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.

I’ve got news for that dictionary:  the future is now. Many people are empaths. It’s perfectly natural and it’s probably more normal than paranormal. My personal theory is that everyone is born empathic then social conditioning teaches children to pay more attention to things than beings and the ability gets lost. (Seriously. Look up mirror neurons)

In any case, empaths are “different” from most people. So here we go.

  1. Empaths need a lot of alone time. Being with other people is a constant bombardment of thoughts and feelings. It gets overwhelming. Empaths straight-up need to be alone and take a break from all that stimulus.

  2. What’s the deal with turning-down the music?
    Empaths like music just as much as anyone else ... but some music can be too much. Empaths are subject to unwanted negative emotions whenever they’re around unhappy people … so you can see why they sometimes need quiet, emotionally neutral music.

    Or sometimes complete silence.

    TV shows are similar. Sometimes violent shows are “too much”. Yes, I know it’s only a show … but my brain is wired to experience other peoples’ emotions. Evolution hasn’t caught-up with tech. An empath’s system processes the drama and violence as real.

  3. More alone time?  Do you really even love me?
    Yep. Sometimes we even need to sleep alone which really bugs my partner. Ironically, this might be the only way an empath can stay in an intimate relationship – by having plenty of alone time.

Every relationship is different. You and your empath must decide what’s right for you. But please don’t think it’s lack of love. In fact it’s the very opposite. By taking care of themselves empaths can be better mates for those they love.

Hopefully this little guide will help empaths and those who love them enjoy harmonious relationships free of misunderstandings and misconceptions.

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