Corporate Witch Kits? Tarot Chain Stores? The Mainstreaming of Mysticism

I was chatting with a client at Journey Home the other day and he mentioned that the corporate chain-store, Sephora , was selling witch kits. He was appalled that a corporation would exploit spirituality for profit. I’m seldom appalled at anything corporations do. I don’t know if that’s from being psychic or cynical. Anyway, I took a more philosophical approach. “Maybe it’s good,” I said. “Maybe the people who truly resonate with it will get hungry for the real deal and end-up at Journey Home.”

Then last night I went to World Market to shop for a throw rug. I walked-in the door and saw a huge display table of … (wait for it) … TAROT CARDS and VEDIC ASTROLOGY swag!

That sound? Oh, yeah. That’s my jaw hitting the floor.

I was so flabbergasted I had to run home and call my psychologist friend. I told her I needed help processing the emotional shock. But maybe it’s a good thing. I don’t often get to use the word flabbergasted in a blog post. And it’s such a fun word.

Meanwhile I’m not sure what to make of the corporate trend toward the trappings of mysticism. All I know is that trends come and go. Journey Home has been here since before the corporate co-opting of “mysticism” and we’ll be here long after the trend ends. Meanwhile, if you want the real deal and you want to support a local family business instead of a soul-less corporate chain … we’re here for you.

Journey Home is a metaphysical store and Conscious Lifestyle Boutique in Ventura, California, USA. We offer Crystals, gemstones, jewelry, meditation supplies, sacred art, home décor, inspiring gifts, and psychic readings.