Top 5 Remedies for Mercury Retrograde

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Top 5 remedies for Mercury Retrograde

Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio from November 16 - December 6, 2018. It’ll be especially intense at the beginning and at the end. Other days to note are November 26 when Mercury is with the Sun and November 27 when he’s with Jupiter.

Mercury represents the rational mind (Buddhi), so get conscious of your thinking! Mercury in Scorpio can give rise to vengeful or aggressive thoughts. Jupiter’s influence (which peaks on November 27) helps you use Mercury in Scorpio to its higher purpose – exploration of the mystical and transformative.

Everyone feels the effects to some degree, but if you have Gemini or Virgo Lagna you’ll definitely want to use these remedies! Mercury activates the 6th Bhava of health & obstacles for Gemini Lagna and the 3rd Bhava of self-motivation & effort for Virgo Lagna.

So how can you support Buddhi during this retrograde?

Here are the Top 5 Remedies for Mercury Retrograde.

1.     Meditate. Your best tool to overcome wrong thinking that might lead to bad decisions. Plus it’ll give you patience to wait until Mercury goes direct before making important decisions. Don’t like to sit and meditate? Do walking meditation or listen to Binaural Beats on YouTube.

2.     Mantra. The nama mantra for Mercury is Om Budhaaye Namaha. If you have time, 108 repetitions daily is ideal. If you’re in a hurry, even 3 repetitions will help. It only takes 8 seconds to do 3 reps and mantra is your tool par excellence for supporting your mind during Mercury retrograde.

3.     Yoga Asana – inversions and forward bends. As the mind might get disturbed during Mercury retrograde, doing inversions like head-stands will calm your thinking. Are Headstand a bit much? Do some easy forward bends or seated asanas. Restorative asanas that combine a forward bend with supporting your head on a yoga block or cushion are ideal. At the office? Just lay your head on your desk for a few moments.

4.     Crystal Healing. Emerald is the gemstone for Mercury, but if you don’t have emerald handy, any green crystal can help balance your aura by adding green light. Peridot or green Adventurine are perfect. Wear these stones in jewelry, grid them, or lay them on your body during meditation.

5.     Wear green on Wednesday. Wednesday is Mercury’s day and green is his color. Wearing green – especially on Wednesdays will keep you conscious and more intentional with your thinking. Having the color green around you during Mercury retrograde acts as color therapy to calm and balance your aura.

And that’s it! Using these remedies can help you transform negative effects into benefits. The deeper lesson of Mercury Retrograde is about slowing-down your thoughts and being intentionally patient.

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