Care & Feeding of Crystals

Crystals are living beings, although obviously at a very different level of consciousness than humans, plants, or animals. In Victorian times, Theosophists wrote that the Mineral Kingdom was the first level at which divine consciousness manifested Earthly existence. Modern geology teaches that the molten iron Earth’s core may have crystalline structure. Either way, Minerals are essential for life on our planet.

If you’re collecting crystals, gems, and tumbled stones, on some level you resonate with them and will want to take proper care of them.

Crystal Care - the two most important steps:
1. Cleansing and purifying crystals
2. Charging or activating crystals

There is a third step for working with crystals and stones – programming them (setting intentions) but we’ll talk about this in a future blog.  For now – we’ll stick to the basics.

Give your crystals a bath!

Yep, just like humans crystals want a bath every once in a while. The exception to this rule is Selenite. Don’t bathe Selenite in water because it can dissolve! Luckily Selenite is self-purifying so simply wiping-off dust with a clean cloth is fine. (More on Selenite later.)

Bathing your crystals depends on the type of crystal and where you live.  If you live near the beach, crystals love a bath in the ocean. Otherwise simply washing your crystals under cold water is fine. For smaller crystals and tumbled stones, I put them in a colander (think spaghetti) and rinse them. That way I don’t worry about losing the smaller pieces.

After bathing your crystals, it’s time to charge or activate them.

If you’ve washed your crystals in the morning, put them in outside to catch rays of morning sun. If you can’t put them outdoors, an east-facing window is ideal. Put them where they can catch rays of morning sun.  Some people like to charge their crystals with moonlight and that’s fine, too.

A common practice is to set the crystals on a clean white cloth while charging them. I admit, sometimes I just leave them in the colander. Do what feels right for you. Bring your crystals inside before noon. The morning sun has different qualities than afternoon sun – morning is better for purification. Never leave crystals unattended in direct sunlight or this could happen.

How often should I wash my crystals?

Good question! For sure wash them whenever they start getting dusty or dingy. Have a lot of fights are negative energy around your space? Wash and charge them more often. Daily if you’re dealing with extreme negativity.

And that’s it! Crystals are much easier to care for than pets or kids, but the better you take care of them, the better they take care of you.

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